TM125 Finished at last

One of the hardest parts to find for the Suzuki TM125 was an intact magneto cover that still had the bolt holes to attach the sprocket cover to….. very rare. Chain throws were so common back then that sprocket covers must have been flying off everywhere.

After nearly 12 months searching I found one on ebay that someone managed to do a good repair on, painted up it looks all ok as the repair is on the inside, the sprocket cover fitted on nicley, finally finished the bike.

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  • Bruce Davies says:

    What can I say, seeing is believing! You have done a remarkable job and it is good to see that someone else has a great love of this old powerhouse as I remember pushing my new TM out of the shop in 1974 think I paid $ 525.00 well now I am 54 years young and still remember the grand times like it was yesterday.

    There wasn’t a great deal that went wrong with it, with the exception of the kick leaver, think I sheered the nut about five times, the only other thing that was wrong with it was I sold It ( Big Mistake ) I would like to replace her with a complete resto or better still come across a fine rebuild like this masterpiece like this, but like a Van Gogh you will pay $$$$$$.

    1970s seamed to be the year for grand design, I rebuilt 74 Sherpa T 325 BULTACO slim line a picture as well, not sure were your situated but would like to know if your selling at some stage ???? Great rebuild my friend all the best keep up the good work.

    Bruce Davies

    • steve hansell says:

      I have my boyhood love bike, the Suzuki TM125. I found one and it was in “good” shape but not great like I wanted. So I got online and started ordering all the plastics/seat/handlebars and on and on. The tank had no dents or scratches but I had it painted Suzuki Yellow and laid the green decal anyway. New side plates were installed as well as the front number plate. The oil pump was tested for functionality, all was good to go. I almost changed out the foot pegs but I also wanted it to be as close to showroom as possible so the pegs stayed. I always wanted a bike with a WEBCO head so I found one and installed it! Also I wanted a new low pipe and that’s installed as well. She’s a jewel, runs sweet and she’s mine! There’s a song in there somewhere? As a final item my buddy in Tennessee had a cylinder and matching piston/rings in his inventory. He cleaned and polished all the cylinder’s ports for me before sending it out. Once I get around to installing those final parts I’ll have a mini rocket ship in hand!

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